Pausing to #RaiseVibration

“Negativity, it can only affect you if you’re on the same frequency. Vibrate higher.”


#RaiseVibration is one of my favorite hashtags. Far too many times, I find myself focusing on negative situations and and getting stuck in it like quicksand. From entering year three of the ‘rona, U.S. /global politics, climate change to [insert issue here], it can sometimes seem like joy is in short supply.

That’s why I decided to make Wednesdays in my infinitesimal section of digital real estate, a place I would share at least five things that raised my vibration:

  1. I showed someone a picture of my grandmother and was told I looked like her. I think my grandmother was beautiful, so I’ll take it! She passed 10 years ago at 80 without a wrinkle.
  2. In the debate of waffles versus pancakes, I’m a waffles person. I did have an exceptional Fruity Pebbles pancake in Virginia a few years ago and there’s a stuffed French Toast I swoon over at Miss Shirley’s in Baltimore, but otherwise, #TeamWaffle. In the mid-1990’s, someone overstayed their welcome at my apartment after they ate my Eggos and left the empty box in the freezer. I asked them to leave. True story.

I understand how you feel, baby girl!

Over the weekend, I was flipping through this month’s Food Network magazine and saw an article on the Croffle House in Flushing (North Queens). I live in Southeast Queens and decided a sojourn was in order. I was NOT disappointed. I will be back for more mango croffles.


3. Hearing Lucky Daye sampling Musiq Soulchild’s “Half Crazy” for his song “Over”… and then Apple Music correctly assuming that I loved the song only because I played it 41 times in a row, led me to “Retrograde” by Khalid featuring 6Lack and Lucky Daye.

4. My commitment to learning new languages continues! I love the pronunciation of the Spanish words, “demasiado” (too much) and “boligrafo” (pen).

5. Reading Jamilah Lemieux’s article in this month’s Vanity Fair, “Dave Chappelle and ‘the Black Ass Lie’ That Keeps Us Down”. Well-written and thought-provoking. #writinggoals

How are you raising your vibration this week?


  1. I’m raising the vibration by 1. Releasing energies that are less than desirable with the assistance of the Cancer folk moon, pen & paper, fire and salt water 2. Sharing guidance from Spirit on my social channels 3. Laughing as much as possible at (mostly) appropriate times 4. Eating fresh veggies and 5 Holding the frequency of love for ALL intentionally and joyfully. Oh and 6. Reading great writing by one of my favorite authors P.S #TeamPancakes

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