Count It On Joy 2.16.22

On Wednesdays in my infinitesimal section of digital real estate, I share at least five things that brought me joy or gave me something to think about in the past week. Kanye’s been stressing me, at least one other Kim and half the country for the past few days – nothing about that situation is a laughing matter. I needed a joy break and encourage you to take a moment to think about the things that are bringing you joy as you read.

1. There’s a three-day weekend coming up for some of us in the United States. We’re only six weeks into 2022, but I for one need a long weekend. My goals are to get an early start on Spring Cleaning and planning a spa getaway.

2. I have been paying attention to messages about minimalism and over consumption, so I debated for a while about buying a record player. With Apple Music, Amazon Prime, SiriusXM, IHeartMusic, I have access to all the music I could want and need. It’s one more thing for which I need to find a space, but I saw a cute red RCA Victrola with a combo record/CD player/radio/Bluetooth and…sold! It’s arriving later today. :-/ I just want to listen to some music without cookies tracking how many times I replay Hall & Oates Greatest Hits – I know there’s AI somewhere judging me.

The record player was relatively inexpensive, and I’m only going to use it in my home office, so I didn’t need anything fancy. Finding records is the struggle. My parents didn’t have a stash of classic Motown LPs I could ravage – my Dad’s collection included Rev. James Cleveland, Charlie Pride, Juice Newton to the original Annie Broadway score (it was 1977’s version of Encanto and four year old me, wore it out! Put Hard Knock Life up against We Don’t Talk About Bruno in the next Verzuz).

My goal is to find some of my favorite albums, Urban Hang Suite, Embrya, Aijuswanaseing, Forever My Lady, My Life, What’s the 411?, N.E. Heartbreak, – but those joints are hella expensive, with some going for over $200. But I started with Jill Scott! and a Sade album should be delivered tomorrow. Classic!

3, 4, 5, 6: These beautiful people are teaching me things and I love it. Their passion and respect for the earth, wine, cooking/food, gardening and foraging inspires and relaxes me. I am not being paid by anyone, I just enjoy their content and wanted to share. Check them out on Instagram:

What are you passionate about? Where are you finding your joy this week? Have you learned anything new or interesting? Leave some recommendations and feedback in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you!

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Have a great Wednesday! Go be great AND joyful!

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