Brother, Can You Spare Some Honey?

The supply chain is a mess, and we maybe-probably-are-who-knows-headed-for-already-in-a- bear-market-whatever-that-means-and-or-a-recession? But what in the Hundred Acre Woods is going here? Somebody hook me up with Winnie-the-Pooh’s supplier.

The deli where I get my lox and bagel raised their price from $5 to $6.25. That’s one thing.

My favorite nail salon went from $100 for a full set to almost $200. This is another.

I understand that businesses have to cover rising costs and the market will bear out what people are willing to pay, but some of these things feel excessive. As for me and my house, if you see me in these streets with bland nails and raggedy cuticles, mind ya business.

Kimfinitely Recommended:

  • Listen —> Beyoncé, “Renaissance”. Yes, still. And I will neither confirm nor deny recording a #CuffItChallenge video.
  • Watch —> House of the Dragon (#TeamBlack). A key takeaway from episode 7? There are no days off, always play to win. If there’s a spare dragon to be claimed, claim that shit immediately.

What do you thoughts about the cost of things? What are you reading, listening to or watching? I’d love to hear from you!

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