Count it on Joy 3.9.22

On Wednesdays in my infinitesimal section of digital real estate, I share a few things that brought me joy or gave me something to think about in the past week.

Current events have been making it hard for me to feel and remain joyful for any length of time. The Russian invasion of Ukraine. Brittney Griner’s well-being. People accepting 1,900 COVID deaths per day as the new normal. Gas prices. Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill, Texas criminalizing gender-affirming care and Idaho trying to follow, Missouri attempting to pass harsher anti-abortion laws and so many other things. It‘s easy and understandable to just bury your head in the sand and ignore all the chaos in the world. It feels like the people who hate, hate more than the people who love and that shouldn’t be.

But, I stopped to refocus and was reminded that I had so much to be thankful for – shelter, food, safety, a job and resources to get what I need and want, when so many are without. So here’s my Count it On Joy for Wednesday, March 9:

1. I was leaving a supermarket and a mother and young son were crouched in front of these toy vending machines. I’m in this place all the time and never even noticed these machines – but they forced me to stop and pay attention (it was too narrow for me to go around with the cart). I was fascinated that he was excited by getting the item in that little plastic bubble dome. I was instantly taken back to going shopping with my mother or grandmother and asking for a nickel, dime or the big investment of a quarter to also get my own plastic bubble dome treat. It was a good memory and I’m glad I had a chance to think about it.

2. The weather was beautiful and I took a four day weekend to my new favorite Charming city for a spa day. I had frequent stayer points to use, so my room was free! AND, if that wasn’t good enough, they gave me a room upgrade. Win!

In Tune, Robert Glasper featuring Amir Sulaiman

3. While I was there, I found The Sound Garden, an actual record store versus scouring online sites for vinyl. I realize the irony in buying a record player for analog reasons, but sourcing the music digitally. Buying and listening to music this way is a commitment in time and money, so I have to really love (not just like) the artist and the albums. Robert Glasper’s new album, Black Radio III did not disappoint, and it’s a pretty chartreuse. I remember regularly seeing Amir Sulaiman perform in the mid-90’s for poetry nights at a club in Atlanta, hearing him on this album was a treat.

4. A cardinal came for a visit.

5. I have some sunshine on my desk.

Where are you finding your joy this week? Have you learned anything new or interesting? Leave some recommendations and feedback in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you! 

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I hope you had a great Wednesday!

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  1. Seeing a cardinal is always a sign that my grandmother is near in Spirit, so seeing yours is a hug from Heaven! Definitely a joyful moment!! Did you put a quarter in and get a treat? I usually do!

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