Count it on Joy 2.9.22

On Wednesdays in my infinitesimal section of digital real estate, I share at least five things that brought me joy or gave me something to think about in the past week. Thank you for being here! I encourage you to take a moment to think about the things that are bringing you joy as you read.

1.I was alive at the same time as Michael Joseph Jackson. That’s it, that’s the sentence. The 80’s were a magical decade for me, in no short part, due to him. I went to see MJ The Musical on Broadway over the weekend and while the cast was good, there’ll never be another MJJ. However, if you’re in New York during its run, consider checking it out.

2. Verzuz is hosting Anthony Hamilton & Musiq Soulchild on February 15 and this will be the first one that has captured my interest in awhile. In 2019, I saw them on tour together at Foxwoods. Truth be told, I went to see Musiq (even though I have seen him countless times in 20 years) but Anthony Hamilton showmanship was an unexpected treat and he gained a new fan. For the most part, I think this is a pretty even match-up.

Musiq Soulchild, July 2019, Foxwoods – video cred: Me
Anthony Hamilton, July 2019, Foxwoods – video cred: Me

3. I’m not much of a chef or baker, primarily because I’m usually cooking for one. But, I was randomly craving blueberry muffins on Sunday, so I made some. I initially found a fancy recipe that I was going to make from scratch, but in the end went with a quick Betty Crocker mix. This is still in my joy column because I technically did “make” the muffins versus my usual M.O. of popping over to the bakery. I might bake again in 2024. 

4. As Omicron rates start to decline, more of us are in the office at the same time for the first time in almost two years. I was surprised at all of the hugs unexpectedly being offered this week – and I took every single one. More hugs makes things better. (With a form fitting face mask and consent, of course! don’t catch a case or get called up to HR by hugging people all willy-nilly).

5. One of the things I often say is, “they hate what they hate, more than you love what you love”. It feels as though there’s been a terrifying increase on the number of book bans across the country and the worst part? Some folks are just sitting back and letting it happen because they don’t read and don’t care. My challenge to you this week is multifaceted: 

  • Buy a book from an independent bookstore, download one from Audible or even better…
  • Get a library card and access physical, audiobooks and more for free. I could easily turn this into my love letter for the New York and Queens Public Library systems, but right now I implore you to support your local libraries
  • Learn about the book bans in your city, county and state and help fight it 
  • Read something else in addition to this blog
  • Ask a friend to read something with you. Then, start a book club! You can eat, bring wine and talk about what you just read. Win, win, win!  

Some of my recent reads and recommendations: 

What are you reading? Where are you finding your joy this week? Have you learned anything new or interesting? Leave some recommendations and feedback in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you! 

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Have a great Wednesday! Go be great AND joyful!

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  1. This may be a bit old school but here are a couple of things I’ve been blessed to do in my life and they all bring me joy just thinking about them to this day. Thanks again Kimfinite for your gift(s)

    1. See the Jackson 5 Live
    2. See The Wiz on Broadway starring Stephanie Mills as Dorothy
    3. Attend a World Series game in 1981, in Yankee Stadium (it was cold as hell)
    4. Spend a month in Africa (Kenya & Uganda) as a 3-year-old in what would now be considered AirBNBs
    5. Attend and Graduate from MOREHOUSE College! #WeAreMorehouse

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  2. Why was I reading this as if I was listening to Carrie in Sex in the City?!?!?! 😀 Great read….now I’m going to think of things that has made me truly happy.
    Keep inspiring me to read!

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