A Sunny Day

Earlier today, in the constellation of Queens… it was another gorgeous day, and I put miles on my bike in the park around the corner. There were a few people walking dogs, some jogging, some playing tennis. We were all well away from one another.

I felt like TMZ paparazzi stalking these swans and turtles to get pictures. The lake was also filled with ducks and geese. Zero social distancing.

The turtles were near a wooden bridge over a creek — I did two laps in that direction before realizing the noise from the bike on the bridge was causing half of them to haul ass off the bank into the water… they really moved fast, it was fascinating. I switched the route as not to keep upsetting them.

Do you know what a group of turtles is called? I didn’t.

According to reference.com, “a group of turtles may be called a bale, or turn. The collective terms “bale” and “turn” seem to apply exclusively for turtles.” #ILearnedSomethingNewToday

Further up the path, a beautiful couple was having a picnic and she was sitting between his legs and leaned back on his chest. Oh, I love, love…

Over by the football/soccer field, a dude was leaning on the fence smoking “the funny cigarette”. Hey, I get it…in my Netta voice, “treat yo self!”— these are stressful days. To paraphrase Dickens…., “it was the worst of times, it was the worst of times”.

It is another beautiful day. I’m scared. Scared of what’s coming next and when the days stop being as beautiful.

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