Stardust… Rest In Peace

Image Credit: ESA (European Space Agency)/Hubble & NASA

Science and Joni Mitchell tell us that we are all made of stardust.

Some stars are bigger, brighter and more well-known, such as Sirius, Betelgeuse, Polaris or Alpha Centauri. And others, have names like Bashar*, Barbara*, Katherine, Gianna and Kobe.

Bashar, a rising star from the Brooklyn constellation…

Barbara showed us how to shine with style and to treat ourselves as stars…

Katherine calculated the way through the stars… and then…bang, zoom! they went straight to the moon!

Sweet Gianna… a protostar, just forming…twinkle, twinkle little baby star do do do do do, baby star do do do do do…

Kobe… daddy star do do do do do, daddy star do do do do do…. one of the most luminous in all the Milky Way. A Super Giant, a star of the first magnitude.

All made of stardust and returned to their places in the celestial sphere. ✨

*Pop Smoke and Barbara B. Smith

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