Fiction – Weekend Love

This morning I awake to find you next to me

Holding a long conversation over a green tea baby

We speak about the love before (night before)

And it’s killing me (no way)

I gotta let you leave (although)

But at least we know

That we made another memory

Of the way you let me love you

Hold you…

Weekend Love, Dwele (2005)

Mahalia hadn’t closed the blackout drapes on the ceiling to floor windows that wrapped around two-thirds of Sam’s spacious corner bedroom overlooking the Patapsco River.

They’d fallen asleep on their sides, with her back on his chest, looking at the lights twinkling on the water, while the Jill Scott Spotify channel played.

They’d been distant acquaintances, a friend of a friend, of a friend three times removed type thing. Their shared appreciation of Jilly from Philly, was the thing that brought them to this point, (albeit via a misunderstanding on social media — she thought he was inviting her to a Jill Scott concert. He wasn’t.) so having her on as their soundtrack, put a bow on this special weekend.

Now, as Mahalia started to wake, Sam’s arms were still holding her close as the first signs of day were starting to stream into the room.

It’d been a long time since she’d felt this way, much less woken up in someone’s arms. “I could get used to this”, she thought and recalled the magical evening they’d shared.

She knew that all too soon she’d have to break the spell and the warm cocoon of his embrace to get ready to head up back up 95N and deal with turnpike traffic. And he had several important upcoming cases that he needed to prepare various briefs and motions.

She was starting to drift back to sleep when she felt him kiss her neck.

“Good Morning”, he said in his deep and soft southern accent that immediately made her moist and her nipples hard as he kissed her neck again.

“Hey handsome” she replied, as she rolled over to face him. Conscious of potential morning breath, but confident that it wasn’t deadly.

“I’m going to run down to Miss Shirley’s and grab us some breakfast and coffee. Then, we can watch your Sunday talk shows together. I want to do what you’d normally do when we’re not together”, he said.

“First of all, awwwwwww that was very sweet. But are you kidding me?”, Mahalia laughed. “I don’t want to share our precious time with Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd. I just want to focus on you, can we go for a walk around the Harbor?”, she asked.

“We can do anything you want. Do you want Fruity Pebbles pancakes or avocado toast?”, he asked and kissed her forehead.

In that moment, Mahalia knew she had to still be dreaming. Whatever Perfect Man Factory had made him? She’d make sure to leave a 4star Yelp review. Vibrators could do a lot, but they couldn’t give you this.

“Right now, I just want you”, in her best attempt at a seductive voice.

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